Insula Barataria is a country house located in a small village of La Mancha, Belmonte (Cuenca), on the Route of Don Quixote, a place of huge skies and endless horizons.


The house, on two floors, has a cute garden with pool. But what will surely enchant you are their views: to the north, San Cristobal´s hill, where a majestic fifteenth century castle stands. And westward, the view changes completely to show the Belmonte's town center and its collegiate church.


If in addition to sleep, you are looking for quiteness, escape, serenity... Come to Insula Barataria, a place where time seems to stop and peace and quiet are all around.


Insula Barataria loves nature, so the heating is based on biomass, the electricity comes from renewable energy sources and the lighting is by LED lamps.


Smoking is not allowed inside the house, but in the garden we have a smoking area with amazing views.


insula barataria

Calle Los Molinos 12 Belmonte (Cuenca)



Información y reservas: info@casainsulabarataria.com


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